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Report: NYPD considering armed drones

... is "seriously considering" procuring weaponized drones. Officials are making the usual argument (Terror!) to justify this ... bigger would be noticed from miles away. "Big drones show up on radar, so you would need small drones to pull this off," ...

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Domestic Drone Surveillance Usage: Threats and Opportunities for Regulation

... Overview Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are an emerging and rapidly-expanding development in domestic ... to develop regulations to facilitate the growing usage of drones in domestic airspace.  [5] Drones are best known ...

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Privacy hawk in Cambridge attacks drone

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer. A hobbyist was flying his drone at Magazine Beach park in Cambridge, MA when a hawk attacked it. Privacy hawk, indeed. ...

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Take action now to support drone privacy legislation

... The video is pretty funny, but domestic surveillance drones are no laughing matter. Luckily, the ACLU of Massachusetts and ... legislators are prepared.    Drones are stealth aerial surveillance machines.  They are flown remotely, ...

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Olympics may come to Boston "because of how the city was able to shut itself down"

... brands itself as a cradle of liberty would be defined by drones, thousands of new cameras and a level of military hardware ...

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FBI won't say how it flies drones above the US, probably because people would be horrified if we knew

The FBI has been flying surveillance drones above US airspace for nearly a decade, but the public still has very ... already posted in full online . "Reckless use of drones by the FBI could threaten the constitutional right to privacy of every ... cell phone sniffers (so-called 'Stingrays') and drones. After all, most people are not going to stop using cell phones, even if ...

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The FBI's plan to destroy privacy

You’ve probably heard privacy advocates talk about how it isn’t just one set of data, or one surveillance technology, that we need to worry about, but rather the combination of them. When corporations and the government figure out ...

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Catch up on the most important surveillance and privacy news from the week

... years. The Department of Homeland Security flies drones above the heads, homes, and businesses of those of us who live within ... annual reports in part to make sure DHS isn’t flying drones above US airspace, but rather just at the border. Turns out: DHS breaks ...

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Judge rules NYPD can employ CIA tactic to shirk transparency, accountability

When the ACLU asked the CIA for records about its drone program, the secretive espionage and paramilitary organization issued what's called a Glomar response: The CIA would neither confirm nor deny even the existence of the records. A jud ...

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Governor Brown once again vetoes privacy legislation, siding with law enforcement

... got $54,400 from a police union that opposes regulating drones before issuing his veto of drone bill #CAPolitics — Zaid ...

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