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Domestic Drone Surveillance Usage: Threats and Opportunities for Regulation

... Overview Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are an emerging and rapidly-expanding development in domestic ... to develop regulations to facilitate the growing usage of drones in domestic airspace.  [5] Drones are best known ...

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Take action now to support drone privacy legislation

... The video is pretty funny, but domestic surveillance drones are no laughing matter. Luckily, the ACLU of Massachusetts and ... legislators are prepared.    Drones are stealth aerial surveillance machines.  They are flown remotely, ...

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The "Drone Survival Guide" teaches you how to identify and hide from aerial surveillance

... enforcement organization believes it can use surveillance drones with virtually no legal limits. The only time the FBI thinks it needs to ... that our skies will be filled with tens of thousands of drones within the next few decades. Federal law enforcement agencies like the ...

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How the drone army will reintegrate when it comes home

... and weapons into domestic policing.” Surveillance drones are among the latest in military technology to be converted to civilian ... including Greenwald, believe the weaponization of domestic drones to be inevitable, even imminent – and in fact, law enforcement ...

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Task force officer: FBI conducted aerial surveillance of Ibragim Todashev in Orlando

... aerial surveillance have come from one of the FBI's drones ? Or perhaps it was one of the FBI's single-engine Cessna plane ...

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Report: license plate tracking companies purposefully target low-income people

Today I'm testifying in support of the Drone Privacy Act in the Massachusetts state legislature. Here 's my testimony. My colleagues will be testifying in support of the License Plate Privacy Act , another critical privacy b ...

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Cell phone tracking in Waltham and Boston: who knew what, when?

I've been going through materials related to the FBI's investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and killing of Ibragim Todashev, and I came across an interesting snippet from a June 13, 2013 House Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI oversigh ...

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Our drone future

... Future explores the technology, capability, and purpose of drones, as their presence becomes an increasingly pervasive reality in the ... In the near future, cities use semi-autonomous drones for urban security. Human officers monitor drone feeds remotely, and ...

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Senator Markey introduces drone privacy bill

... Act to require law enforcement get warrants before using drones for surveillance purposes in the United States, except in extreme ... comprehensive rules in place so that new technologies like drones are used in a responsible manner by both companies and the government ...

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Tech and surveillance news bites

... DHS shares images and video collected from its predator drones internally and with outside agencies, including the FBI , through a ... uses the Big Pipe system to share data collected by drones that fly on the southwest border, in operations aimed at identifying and ...

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