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FBI won't say how it flies drones above the US, probably because people would be horrified if we knew

The FBI has been flying surveillance drones above US airspace for nearly a decade, but the public still has very ... already posted in full online . "Reckless use of drones by the FBI could threaten the constitutional right to privacy of every ... cell phone sniffers (so-called 'Stingrays') and drones. After all, most people are not going to stop using cell phones, even if ...

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Domestic Drone Surveillance Usage: Threats and Opportunities for Regulation

... Overview Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are an emerging and rapidly-expanding development in domestic ... to develop regulations to facilitate the growing usage of drones in domestic airspace.  [5] Drones are best known ...

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Facing massive strikes, mining corporations may soon use weaponized drones to control workers

... Wolf has its way, they may be firing these weapons from drones. ...

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Take action now to support drone privacy legislation

... The video is pretty funny, but domestic surveillance drones are no laughing matter. Luckily, the ACLU of Massachusetts and ... legislators are prepared.    Drones are stealth aerial surveillance machines.  They are flown remotely, ...

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It's not just drones: FBI used single engine plane to monitor Tsarnaev associate in April 2013

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer. Last week the FBI arrested 23 year-old Khairullozhon Matanov, charging him with lying to federal agents and deleting inform ...

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The CIA thinks it's funny, but secrecy about the state's power to kill is no laughing matter

... as "crowd killings", in which the CIA fires drones at groups of people and calls anyone of “military age” ...

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Slavery, institutional racism, and the development of state surveillance as a response to resistance

... databases and nearly ubiquitous surveillance cameras and drones make our resistance to the systems of government control appear next to ...

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CBP awards no-bid contract for drone footage streaming, claiming it's about "disaster" response

Did you know Customs Border Patrol's Office of Information and Technology (OIT), Border Enforcement and Management System Division (BEMSD) does "natural disaster" first responder work? Neither did I! According to this sole-sou ...

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US drones, torture used in hunt for Mexican druglord

... as a huge shock to find that the US has enlisted covert drones in the war against narco-lords. In a long article for the New ... used unsavory, and illegal, means to pursue him. Drones, torture, special forces, and "unsavory…illegal means" ...

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Thousands of Massachusetts residents call on legislature to tell cops: Get a warrant!

This week, the ACLU of Massachusetts delivered over 3,000 petition signatures to the President of the State Senate, Therese Murray, calling on her to move privacy legislation currently before the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. Our petitio ...

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