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Wyden pledges to put a hold on Big Brother spying act, other news

Boston to host "Urban Shield" training operations this weekend

Boston residents! This weekend you might notice some weird stuff going on. Most likely, the SWAT raid, hostage-type freaky scenarios you may come across on November 3 or 4 will be fake. "Urban Shield Boston 2012" is coming to town.

Police militarization in Colorado: Cops in fatigues toting automatic weapons disperse anti-eviction activists

"Be advised that everybody on the property is trespassing." So said a Creek County Sheriff Department officer as he ordered activists off of private property yesterday.

US Supreme Court casts doubt on ability of Muslims to get a fair trial

Photo credit: Matt Wade

By Victoria Brittain

Guest blogger Victoria Brittain is the author of the forthcoming book Shadow Lives: The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror (Pluto Press).

Terror Tuesday: The nerve center of the ‘disposition matrix’

Whoever wins the presidential election will command not just a military with a bigger budget than the militaries of the next ten nations combined, but a ‘homeland security’ surveillance state which we taxpayers have paid nearly $700 billion to construct.

Supreme Court "appropriately skeptical" of government's claims on warrantless wiretapping suit

ACLU staff and supporters at the Supreme Court hearing on Amnesty v. Clapper today. From left to right: Lara Tobin, Josh Bell, Hina Shamsi, Anthony Romero, Jameel Jaffer (who argued the case for the ACLU), Mitra Ebadolahi, Alexander Abdo, Ateqah Khaki and Larry Siems. Photo credit: Shane Kadidal of the CCR.

The BPD files: when marching in the street becomes a "Homeland Security" issue

When you hear the phrase "Homeland Security," what do you think? Probably you think about the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, about dirty bomb plots and threats to critical infrastructure. Maybe you think about attacks on our digital infrastructure, or "cyberwar" as the government has taken to calling it lately.

A change in tune: law enforcement now aggressively promoting retroactive surveillance capabilities of license plate readers

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Cops break the law, too: NYPD cannibalism case yet another example of why police need independent oversight

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By now you've likely heard about the story of the NYPD cop who the FBI says hatched an elaborate and horrifying plot to kidnap, torture, cook and eat 100 women, at least ten of whom he knew personally.

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