Privacy Matters

The FBI, COINTELPRO, and the most important robbery you've never heard of

There are lots of redactions in the recently released Department of Homeland Security (DHS) files on the Occupy movement, obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund. 

The ACLU at the National Conference for Media Reform

Heading to Denver this weekend for the National Conference for Media Reform? You can catch me on Saturday morning (early! wake up anyway!) discussing electronic surveillance and what we can do about it with a really cool group of activists and experts. 

Terror Tuesday: Fighting for the world we want

We do not spy on US citizens, just anti-government groups, says fusion center director

The Arkansas State Fusion Center

An official from an Arkansas State Fusion Center recently spoke to the press to clear up what he called "misconceptions" about what his office actually does, with depressingly hilarious results. (For some background on fusion centers, click here.)

Military contractor shows off drones in development at 2013 conference

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Company that does sock puppet propagandizing for US military also identifies "anarchist networks" at home

That person you are arguing with in the comment section at the end of Glenn Greenwald's latest blog about the CIA’s not-so-secret operations in Pakistan may in fact work for the US government. And the corporation that's paid to do the propagandizing has previously touted its experience in identifying 'anarchist networks' and leaders in the United States.

Terror Tuesday: Sovereignty and the law in the age of the forever war

Jalalabad, Afghanistan, seen from a DoD helicopter

"Just because I have a beard and wear a turban, does that make me part of the Taliban?"

CIA Chief Technology Officer: we collect everything we can and store it forever

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