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The militarization of the police: low budget video version

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The San Jose Police Department made this video to recruit new cops; it clearly illustrates the worrying, increasingly militaristic orientation of many modern US urban departments. Are the police here to protect and serve the civilian population, or do they see themselves as warriors in a war zone?

Thursday technology links round-up

Lots in the news at the intersection of privacy and technology this week. Take a look at some of the stuff you might have missed:

Your phone may not be safe at protests

Ever wondered why your cell phone reception suddenly becomes terrible at protests? Ever worried that police could use electronic spoofing devices to suck up your mobile data because you are in the streets exercising your rights?

You might have been onto something.

Who knew secrecy could cost so much?

Try $11 billion for a single year (2011) for the government to maintain its document classification system and do background checks for security clearances, according to the Information Security Oversight Office. 

"There is zero question that we live in a surveillance state..."

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

The excellent civil liberties blogger Glenn Greenwald is making the rounds talking up his new book on the two-tiered justice system in the United States. He spoke with Russia Today about the book and the US surveillance state.

More military training in US cities: this round it's St. Louis

Following on the heels of US military training operations in various cities over the past year, including Boston and Los Angeles, the military and local police last week warned St. Louis residents not to be alarmed if they see army personnel and gear in their civilian neighborhoods.

Terror Tuesday: Surveillance on steroids as competition ramps up

Readers of this blog are familiar with drones that kill…drones that conduct surveillance at home and abroad…and drones that bring windfall profits to the arms industry. But did you know that drones could be the key to our economic recovery?

NYPD posts pictures, names and home addresses of "professional agitators"

What does it take to be a "professional agitator"? For the New York City Police Department, it's simple: take pictures of police officers and be a political organizer. 

Judge to Twitter: turn over OWS protester's tweets

Twitter tried.

Challenging the Surveillance State, Glenn Greenwald

Do not miss this excellent talk by civil liberties blogger and attorney Glenn Greenwald. It's worth watching in whole, but if you are particularly interested in the chilling effects of society-wide surveillance, skip ahead to the fourth video down.

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