Privacy Matters

Their big government contracts, our privacy nightmare

The first in a series on the Wikileaks Spyfiles.

University of California San Diego students and faculty might be surprised to learn that their school has an "advanced technology research" relationship with a corporation engaged in extensive Internet snooping. 

Advocacy groups to the Senate: SECURE IT not viable, threatens privacy, civil liberties

A long list of advocacy groups representing diverse interests (see full list at bottom) sent the following letter to Senators, outlining concerns about SECURE IT, the Senate's version of so-called "cyber security" legislation. 
May 14, 2012
Dear Senator,

"Pray for peace; train for war."

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

"The notion that the United States, with a tiny minority of the world's population, has the right to dominate other countries is profoundly authoritarian and profoundly anti-democratic." -- Andy Thayer, Chicago anti-war activist.

Immigration advocate to be charged with human trafficking

From the Joe Callahan defense committee:

Who needs laws when you can just make an administrative rule?

President Obama with "cyber czar" Howard Schmidt

Return of the ‘underwear bomb’: why are they telling us this?

How did you react to the news that the “CIA reportedly thwarted new al-Qaida underwear bomb plot”?  

Say NO to SCOMM: Friday 11 May, JFK Plaza, Boston

So-called "Secure Communities" is just the opposite. It is a dragnet intelligence gathering scheme that will unfairly discriminate against Latino immigrants, make police work harder and cities more dangerous, and destroy families.

Letter from an Oakland activist

The following was posted on the website Building Liberty this morning. This grand jury subpoena comes in the context of an expanding FBI war on the green and animal rights movements in the United States. For context, see Green is the New Red.

How “Secure Communities” makes us all insecure

The Massachusetts version of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has something to celebrate. 

Spooks conference comes to Massachusetts

“The goal is to get people thinking beyond the simple stuff,’’ said Mark Menz, a computer forensics specialist who will be leading a session on Internet investigations. “Many people will check a suspect’s Internet history, for example, but it’s important to know that with a warrant you can also look at the logs of the Web servers that the suspect was visiting.’’

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