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DOJ: No charges for torture, killing of CIA detainees

Here's a study in contrast: The Obama administration's Department of Justice is prosecuting someone for telling the public about CIA torture, and has let the CIA off the hook entirely not only for its torture regime but also for the killing of detainees in its custody.

Disclosures about torture are unacceptable. The torture (leading to death) itself? No matter.

Why so few demonstrators at the RNC?

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long-term cookie on your computer.

Censorship at Apple: No drone strike notification app for iPhone users

UPDATE: The app's creator, Josh Begley, tweeted this today. Apple doesn't seem to have a problem with drone apps, after all. 

The GOP platform and civil liberties

The Republican party issued its official platform for the RNC 2012. A number of statements are relevant to the Privacy Matters we discuss here, so let's take a look. 

Terror Tuesday: Standing up for the Constitution

Remember the posturing at the start of the 112th Congress when Republicans ostentatiously wrapped themselves in an (edited) version of the US Constitution?

Militarized police encounter few protesters in Tampa

The federal government flooded Tampa with $50 million for weapons, high-tech CCTV cameras and other police and surveillance costs associated with this week's Republican National Convention.

Who says some NSA officials ain’t misbehavin’?

We don’t know much about what the NSA is doing. What we do know – and what we suspect -  is featured in today’s New York Times

Corporate data management for law enforcement and confidential informants

Yesterday I wrote a quick blog about the data-mining and electronic systems management firm NTREPID, which produced a strange document purporting to show the network of power connecting "anarchists" in the United States. The most powerful image associated with that product was the following, which purports to lay out the connections between supposedly "anarchist" activists and organizations, including PBS, Citizen Radio and Occupy Oakland. 

Terror Tuesday: The duel over state-sponsored homicide

United Nations headquarters, NYC

The combatants are hardly evenly matched. A man armed with nothing but the paper weapon of international law stares down the firing range at the most formidable military machine the world has ever known. 

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