Privacy Matters

FBI reportedly visits anti-fracking activists, anarchists in northeast, northwest, Maryland

J. Edgar Hoover

This week in out of control SWAT culture: storming a school bus and an organic farm

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Officials in Rossford, Ohio staged a fake hijacking of a public school bus, without informing the children riding it about the drill. Surprise! Those masked gunmen who just stormed your school bus are actually here to protect you!

On revenge and the NSA

Pipe Snake drone will crawl through the sewer into your bathroom

Booz Allen, former Snowden employer, to receive DHS contract for government network security operations

The government is planning to spend billions of dollars to provide 'continuous monitoring' of internet and network traffic for federal civilian agencies. Naturally, the money will go to private contractors. From NextGov:

The Attorney General, sentencing reform, and what went wrong with Edward Alemany

Photo credit: Edouard Hue

This guest blog is by Andrea Lance 

Military contractor CACI seeks payment from Abu Ghraib prisoners who sued over torture allegations

A photograph from Abu Ghraib prison, where American military officials tortured Iraqis. A now-dismissed lawsuit alleged private contractors took part in abuses.

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