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Terror Tuesday: Sovereignty and the law in the age of the forever war

Jalalabad, Afghanistan, seen from a DoD helicopter

"Just because I have a beard and wear a turban, does that make me part of the Taliban?"

CIA Chief Technology Officer: we collect everything we can and store it forever

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San Francisco club: police tried to force us to install surveillance cameras to spy on our customers

San Francisco band Luxxury performing live at the Bohemian Carnival event at DNA Lounge on March 17, 2007. Photo credit: JWZ.

Police abuse yet another reason why we need electronic privacy law reform

One of the reasons civil libertarians want to make sure that law enforcement and state security agencies have sufficient external oversight is because security employees are human beings. They are therefore are flawed and make mistakes.

Sometimes their actions are even downright abusive.

A story in today's Courthouse News helpfully illustrates that not all police officers can be trusted to act responsibly on the job:

Terror Tuesday: A decade after "shock and awe"

There are the dead, killed by drones. And then there are the living dead, buried alive in Guantanamo before it seemed more efficient simply to incinerate suspects.

Broad coalition of business and civil liberties groups demand a warrant requirement for email

Privacy Cat says: "U want mah emailz? Get a warrant."

Do police need a warrant to read our emails? Unfortunately, the answer to this question remains much too complex.

Head of fusion center lobbying group to serve as advisor to biometrics company board of directors

CrossMatch, a large biometrics firm that does millions of dollars of business with government agencies, has announced that the executive director of the National Fusion Center Association, a former DHS Grant Programs Directorate administrator, recently became an advisor to its board of directors.

Social engineering: how sneaky malware companies get you to bug your own phone for them

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

More airport madness: what will your risk rating be?

Collect enough personal data, trawl through enough data bases, assign passengers a risk rating score and the traveling public will be safer, right?

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