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Natsec mail covers program was ruled unconstitutional in 1979, so why is it still happening?

Image: New York Times, federal surveillance program
A massive postal letter surveillance program has been revealed by the New York Times, even though a federal judge ruled that a similar program was unconstitutional.

"I don't understand what's wrong with having some accountability": Students disrupt NSA recruitment session

An incredible thing happened yesterday. 

National Security Agency language specialist recruiters went to the University of Wisconsin, but their session did not turn out the way they might have hoped. That's because some courageous and brilliant students interrupted the recruiters by asking them pointed questions about what the NSA really does, against whom, and why.

Privacy and technology news: 7-2-13

These news round-ups are created by the ACLU of Northern California's Anna Salem

Federal law enforcement is already flying drones domestically

As I've documented extensively on this website, various federal agencies from DoD to DHS to FBI have been flying domestic drones for some time now. In late June 2013, Robert Mueller confirmed that his FBI flies drones domestically. (See the above video.)

From DemocracyNow!:

Privacy and technology news: 7-1-13

Image courtesy EFF

These news round-ups are created by the ACLU of Northern California's Anna Salem

2012 wiretap stats show drug war continues to serve as primary fuel for surveillance state

A telephone tower disguised as a giant tree.

Jeremy Scahill on Dirty Wars, what inspires him to do journalism

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

Greenwald on Snowden, the NSA and press freedom at Socialism 2013

Please note that by playing this clip, YouTube, Google and the NSA will either put a cookie on your computer or probably at least make note of it.

Glenn Greenwald gave a rousing speech at the Socialism 2013 conference from his Rio home. Jeremy Scahill introduced him. Greenwald addresses the NSA files, Edward Snowden, and the state of journalism and press freedom in the United States today.

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