Privacy Matters

Terror Tuesday: Accountability and the courts on trial

Above: Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, a 16 year old US citizen killed in a US extrajudicial drone strike

The American public rarely encounters the faces and names of those we vaporize with our drones.

Over 4.8 million people have security clearance in the US

Back in July 2010 The Washington Post warned us about the stealth creation of a sprawling, underground, billions of dollars rich shadow government: Top Secret America.

Tampa City Council restricts speech in advance of RNC

Police at the RNC in 2008, credit Andrew Ciscel

Government admits NSA violated our Fourth Amendment rights, but won't say how

The sprawling, secretive intelligence bureaucracy has admitted that it violated the Fourth Amendment rights of some unspecified number of US persons -- once.

Police killing of suspect raises protest, police violence

On Saturday 21 July 2012 police in Anaheim, CA shot to death a man officers say was running from them. People from the dead man's community staged an impromptu protest to confront what one community organizer called his "extrajudicial" killing at the hands of police. This is what happened next:

NSA whistleblower Bill Binney at #HOPE9

Part two:

NSA whistleblower Bill Binney delivered the keynote address at the HOPE 9 hackers conference in New York City in early July 2012. Watch the longtime NSA cryptographer discuss what he views as the agency's moral collapse, above.

Thursday technology links round-up

Today in WTF: MBTA gives embarrassing video of woman's fall to the press

Someone's brief embarrassing misfortune is now a national story, thanks to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA).

"Boston Woman on Scooter Has Escalator Spill"

NYPD propaganda machine misses a beat – or 14

Over the past year, we have learned that the New York Police Department, with 40,000 sworn officers and an annual budget of $3.9 billion, has built an intelligence apparatus to rival that of the FBI in a culture of total impunity.

Terror Tuesday: When ‘moral’ is anything but

In late May, Scott Shane, along with co-author Jo Becker, made “Terror Tuesday” part of our vocabulary. 

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