Privacy Matters

Glenn Greenwald on civil liberties and the surveillance state

Constitutional lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald delivered the keynote at the 18th annual CAIR San Francisco dinner in November 2012. The following transcript of his talk comes from an attendee at the event who recorded and transcribed it.

Tom Tomorrow: This Modern World

On the Petraeus affair, drone strikes and the scandal that wasn't.

Prosecutors and police push for warrantless email access, rumors fly

Targeting dissent: a novel approach to restricting anti-drone protests at Hancock Air Field

The Department of Defense and police in the area around the Hancock Air Field near Syracuse, NY appear to have implemented a novel method of stifling anti-drone war dissent.

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill on extrajudicial killings

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Stratfor emails: FBI had "classified investigation" open on PETA in 2009

Terrorism or just plain old advocacy? Image credit.

Wikileaks releases more Global Intelligence Files; some highlights

Wikileaks has released another batch of emails from the private intelligence company Stratfor. Among them are some interesting bits of information, including:

This is what happens when the FBI is almost totally unrestrained

When the mighty fall on their own sword, let the lesson be that no one is immune from the violations that result from the degradation of the rule of law.

How to resist the federalization and militarization of your local police

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Senator Coburn says we need to act on fusion center report, and a modest proposal towards that end

Hurricane Sandy. Image: NASA.

Remember that Senate subcommittee for investigations report on fusion centers? The one that said that they produce "a bunch of crap," waste our money, duplicate anti-terrorism efforts and invade our privacy? 

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