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Massachusetts politicians react to Verizon, NSA, PRISM scandals

How are Massachusetts elected officials reacting to the documents former NSA contractor Edward Snowden disclosed to the Guardian newspaper about the extent of the US military's surveillance operations directed against people in the United States?

"It is time to stand up and say no."

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Supreme Court clears the way for warrantless DNA swabs after arrest

This guest blog was written by Andrea Lance of Lance Law, LLC

Notes on a scandal: the NSA and our burgeoning surveillance state

I'll have a lot more to say about the NSA spying scandal in the coming days, weeks and probably years, but for now I simply want to highlight what strike me as key, if under-discussed, details.

NY state senate passes bill making it a felony to 'annoy' the police

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While you were feeling outraged about the NSA spying on Verizon (and, most likely, every other phone company's) customers, you may have missed a very troubling bit of news from New York state.

Nowhere to hide: location tracking by domestic violence abusers and government spooks

Did you know that most states don’t have laws on the books to prevent us from using GPS trackers or mobile spyware to track each other?

Targeting rapper smacks of prosecutorial abuse

UPDATE: On June 3, 2013, a judge ruled that the prosecution of Cameron D’Ambrosio may proceed, setting a trial date for June 27th and denying his request for bail. The 18 year-old Methuen, Massachusetts resident faces decades in prison for what prosecutors say was a "terrorist threat" communicated in rap lyrics the teen, who goes by "Cammy Dee," published on his Facebook page. His will be a jury trial.

Scahill, Goodman and Chomsky talking 'Dirty Wars'

On April 27, 2013, the ACLU of Massachusetts co-hosted an event at Harvard about Jeremy Scahill's new book and film 'Dirty Wars'. Professor Noam Chomsky and independent journalist Amy Goodman joined Scahill after his talk to have a discussion about the book and the broader political and historical context. You can see Scahill's talk and the subsequent conversation below.

Grand jury resister Jerry Koch goes to prison

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Note: The video embedded above comes from a 2009 press conference organized to support Koch's grand jury resistance.

UPDATE 1/28/14: Koch has been released from prison. He served over 8 months for his refusal to cooperate.

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