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What's going on with the New York City subway system?

Contrary to the company's August 13, 2012 claim, evidence suggests that Cubic Corporation, a defense and transportation services company, manages sales of TrapWire to US law enforcement through a McClean, VA based firm, Abraxas Applications.

It's time to end the war on drugs in Massachusetts

Mysterious surveillance equipment at Occupy Wall Street one year anniversary

The NYPD deployed multiple TARU surveillance teams throughout the streets on Monday as activists gathered for a one year anniversary celebration of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The TARU (which stands for Technical Assistance Response Unit) teams filmed protesters with handheld cameras, moving throughout crowds and following shortly behind the white shirted police officers who swept in to make arrests.

FEMA website, US Trademark Office contradict Cubic's TrapWire denial

Big news in national detention, targeted killing and spying cases

Indefinite detention, targeted killing and warrantless wiretapping are hot issues in the courts this week. Here's the latest:

Terror Tuesday: Adding many more drones to the volatile mix

How can a tawdry, doltish video posted on YouTube inflame so many people in more than twenty countries?

There’s the match and then there is the fuel.

Al-Qaeda has claimed that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was undertaken to avenge the killing-by-drone of Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi.

NYPD will set up checkpoints around OWS anniversary events on Monday, 9/17

The 99% are back for the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Events this weekend include a day of education on Saturday and a day of celebration on Sunday. Organizers ask that activists descend upon their old stomping grounds at Liberty Plaza on Monday morning for a series of actions -- and instruct people to "wear business attire." Perhaps organizers predicted something like this:

Administration swiftly appeals Judge Forrest’s indefinite detention ruling

If you thought – as we did – that some time would elapse before the government would challenge the September 12th ruling issued by Judge Katherine Forrest striking down indefinite detention, you would be wrong.

Big Brother Act of 2012 passes the House

On a vote of 301-118, the House of Representatives on Wednesday moved to reauthorize the Bush administration's warrantless spying bill of 2008 (called the "FISA Amendments Act" or FAA) for another five years, through December 31, 2017.

Judge Forrest sticks up for the US Constitution, strikes down indefinite detention

Image of protest courtesy the Bradley Manning Support Network

“Courts must safeguard core constitutional rights.”

Using such unwavering language, US district judge Katherine Forrest has refused to bend to the Obama Administration that appointed her to the federal bench.

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