Privacy Matters

Report: US military hacked into Al Jazeera's internal communications

Photo credit: Al Jazeera Creative Commons

Ever since early June, when Glenn Greenwald published the first of many Snowden leaks, I’ve wondered: when are we going to learn about who the NSA targets with its nearly omnipotent surveillance powers? 

'Black budget' shows top spies are still obsessed with debunked 'radicalization' theories

I’ll have a lot more to say about Barton Gellman and Greg Miller's story on the ‘intelligence community’ ‘black budget’, but for now I want to point out something very distressing. 

The Message - M.I.A. track with an NSA hook

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

M.I.A. has released a new track released a track back in 2010 that couldn't be more relevant to our 21st century predicament. I hope Edward Snowden is listening, wherever he is. Lyrics below.

Former Lockheed sub-contractor takes to eBay to sell surveillance prototype

A former Lockheed Martin sub-contractor has taken to eBay to sell a prototype of a high-powered surveillance system disguised as a rock.

Don't get it twisted: the heart of the NSA scandals is breathtakingly simple

The NSA scandal is not that complicated.

If NSA doesn't know what Snowden took, all its abuse figures are totally meaningless

NBC news reports that anonymous intelligence officials say the NSA doesn’t know what Edward Snowden took.

WSJ protip: don't get sexually involved with NSA analysts or intelligence contractors

A new Wall Street Journal story confirms that NSA employees have used their unchecked access to troves of personal communications to spy on their loved ones and people they are sexually interested in.

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