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NSA-Israel bombshell bolsters whistleblowers' claims about NSA spying on US government officials

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Boston mayoral candidate says NYPD does a great job balancing civil liberties and public safety

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley (far right), with City Councilor Rob Consalvo (center), and Mayor Thomas Menino. Photo credit.

NSA calls the iPhone using public 'zombies' who pay for their own surveillance

Following up its exposé about the NSA's ability to hack into individual smartphones and decrypt their contents, Der Spiegel today published a new story about NSA spying on smartphones, which includes the following PowerPoint slides.

Rejecting the 'beige authoritarian landscape' in favor of messy, colorful, open society

Who cares if the government spies on everyone all the time? You should, if you want to live in an interesting world. 

Bruce Schneier on the NSA, decryption and the possibility for a free future

How can you protect yourself from NSA surveillance, especially in light of recent revelations about the agency's well-funded decryption efforts? Security expert and privacy advocate Bruce Schneier speaks to Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez about the sorry state of digital privacy, and what we can do about it.

NSA documents suggest powerful intel agency is engaged in a civil war

The Guardian, the New York Times, and ProPublica today simultaneously published bombshell stories about the NSA's massive decryption efforts. Find links to all the stories and documents here.

Three hops: from a suspect to the pizza place to you

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