Privacy Matters

Fight for our future: protest the surveillance state on the 12th anniversary of the USA Patriot Act

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Still going, despite the government shutdown: the DHS-funded trickle down of the national surveillance state

Shortly before the government went on extended shutdown/vacation, the Department of Homeland Security signaled that, despite criticism from members of congress and the public, it has no intention of slowing down the nationwide surveillance state trickle-down.

Framingham shutters its SWAT team

The Framingham, Massachusetts SWAT team has been disbanded. But that doesn’t mean Framingham residents won’t face the terrifying possibility of waking up one morning to bright lights, gun sights, masked men, and screams to GET ON THE FLOOR.

The war on drugs created a zombie monster drug that rots human flesh

How the drone army will reintegrate when it comes home

This guest post was written by ACLU of Massachusetts legal fellow Nashwa Gewaily

Do police need a warrant to track your phone in Massachusetts? We will likely soon find out

UPDATE: Yes. Cops need a warrant. (Read the decision here.)

Undercover NYPD officer involved in motorcycle assault "lived like a protester" at OWS, official says

The story about the motorcycle gang assault on an SUV driver in New York City keeps getting stranger. Yesterday we learned that one of the bikers involved in the assault is an undercover NYPD officer. Detective Braszczok has been arrested and charged with inciting a riot.

Now, NBC news New York reports that this undercover officer lived at Occupy Wall Street for months, reporting to the NYPD on what he saw and heard.

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