Privacy Matters

"There is zero question that we live in a surveillance state..."

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The excellent civil liberties blogger Glenn Greenwald is making the rounds talking up his new book on the two-tiered justice system in the United States. He spoke with Russia Today about the book and the US surveillance state.

More military training in US cities: this round it's St. Louis

Following on the heels of US military training operations in various cities over the past year, including Boston and Los Angeles, the military and local police last week warned St. Louis residents not to be alarmed if they see army personnel and gear in their civilian neighborhoods.

Terror Tuesday: Surveillance on steroids as competition ramps up

Readers of this blog are familiar with drones that kill…drones that conduct surveillance at home and abroad…and drones that bring windfall profits to the arms industry. But did you know that drones could be the key to our economic recovery?

NYPD posts pictures, names and home addresses of "professional agitators"

What does it take to be a "professional agitator"? For the New York City Police Department, it's simple: take pictures of police officers and be a political organizer. 

Judge to Twitter: turn over OWS protester's tweets

Twitter tried.

Challenging the Surveillance State, Glenn Greenwald

Do not miss this excellent talk by civil liberties blogger and attorney Glenn Greenwald. It's worth watching in whole, but if you are particularly interested in the chilling effects of society-wide surveillance, skip ahead to the fourth video down.

"Civil Liberties in the Age of Obama"

Civil liberties blogger Glenn Greenwald spoke at the Socialism 2012 conference in Chicago on June 29, 2012. Look for that talk here when the video is uploaded.

Greenwald spoke at the conference last year, as well, during which he described President Obama's civil liberties record through 2011. 

"How am I supposed to go to a judge if the third party is gagged...?"

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Greatest hits for your Friday afternoon: internet freedom activist Jake Appelbaum questions the FBI's deputy general counsel on secret Patriot Act subpoenas, called "National Security Letters" (NSLs). Appelbaum has been a target of the secret, gag-imposed orders. 

Technologists, responsibility and the degradation of the rule of law

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Watch the ACLU of Massachusetts' Kade Crockford, Occupy Boston's Matt Womer, Center for Democracy and Technology's Mark Stanley and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society's Rob Faris discuss technology and democracy, moderated by Chris Walsh of the Berkman Center.

Google glasses and our collective failure to act on digital privacy

Imagine! Glasses (or someday contact lenses?) that allow you to see the internet! Like that cool table at your friend's house? Find out how much it costs and where to get it simply by looking at it. Curious about apartments in this neighborhood? Look around and magically call up Craigslist onto your eye/face/screen/whatever. You'll never wonder anything for longer than two seconds, ever again! (Except maybe if that cutie at the gym likes you back. Google most likely doesn't know that, yet.)

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