Privacy Matters

Dirty Wars opens in Boston 6/14, win free tickets

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ACLU files suit against NSA on behalf of...ACLU, and why metadata matters

Did you hear? The ACLU is suing the National Security Agency (NSA) for spying on...the ACLU. 

#NSA Bangers and a new 2 Chainz track: 'Feds Watching'

Musicians wasted no time before speaking on federal government surveillance.

DJ Hennessy Youngman: "NSA Bangers"

2 Chainz ft. Pharrell: "Feds Watching"

Colbert on the NSA and those who have something to hide

Pretty hard to argue with that. Well said.

Notes on the tortured logic of Snowden's critics

There's something I can't quite figure out about this Edward Snowden business.

Some of his critics are displaying what can only be called extremely tortured logic as they try to justify calls for his imprisonment, or worse.

Massachusetts politicians react to Verizon, NSA, PRISM scandals

How are Massachusetts elected officials reacting to the documents former NSA contractor Edward Snowden disclosed to the Guardian newspaper about the extent of the US military's surveillance operations directed against people in the United States?

"It is time to stand up and say no."

Photo credit: Essam Sharaf

Supreme Court clears the way for warrantless DNA swabs after arrest

This guest blog was written by Andrea Lance of Lance Law, LLC

Notes on a scandal: the NSA and our burgeoning surveillance state

I'll have a lot more to say about the NSA spying scandal in the coming days, weeks and probably years, but for now I simply want to highlight what strike me as key, if under-discussed, details.

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