Privacy Matters

Metadata matters: Study shows GPS, communications data can reveal whether you're depressed

A study published today in the Journal of Internet Medical Research finds that analyzing GPS and communications records from your smartphone can predict with near 90% accuracy whether or not you're depressed.

The Verge reports:

Hacking Team says its software is " hundreds of thousands of targets" with one installation

More from the Hacking Team trove: an email from company CEO David Vincenzetti to hundreds of clients and potential clients in which he brags about the company's technology:

Hacking Team CEO on FBI campaign to loosen rules on government hacking: "very well advised"

One of Italian spyware firm Hacking Team's millions of emails now posted online is a message from its CEO, David Vincenzetti, to a list of what appears to be clients and potential clients. The March 2015 message links to a story in National Journal about the FBI's plan to change a federal rule to grant judges more leeway in approving warrants for electronic surveillance achieved through hacking.

Drug prohibition is literally killing us

Heroin related overdose deaths have quadrupled in the United States since 2002, a new report finds. In Portugal the overdose rate plummetted during about the same period.

What was the difference between these two countries during roughly the same time frame?

The FBI's attack on encryption and the misleading phrase "lawful interception"

Records show drugs were the number one reason the NEMLEC SWAT team deployed over a two year period

Read the Intercept on what we uncovered after suing a Massachusetts SWAT team for records:

FBI director: "I really am not a maniac."

J. Edgar Hoover, the father of the FBI, was no stranger to fear mongering.

Jim Comey, the director of the FBI, wants the world to know that his campaign to defeat strong security tools online, namely encryption, does not make him a maniac.

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