Privacy Matters

The Boston 2024 summer Olympic bid is dead

According to news reports, the US Olympic Committee has finally thrown in the towel on a highly controversial and locally unpopular 2024 bid to host the summer games in Boston.

Choctaw medicine man, civil rights activist dies after being booked into historically infamous Mississippi jail

Just weeks after Sandra Bland died in a Texas jail cell after having been arrested during a traffic stop, another activist is dead in eerily similar circumstances.

Campus cops: increasingly militarized, aggressive, and secretive

Harvard University campus police crumple Occupy Harvard signs. Photo credit: Occupy Harvard.

Metadata matters: Study shows GPS, communications data can reveal whether you're depressed

A study published today in the Journal of Internet Medical Research finds that analyzing GPS and communications records from your smartphone can predict with near 90% accuracy whether or not you're depressed.

The Verge reports:

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